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Urban City

Come to Aveiro and navigate the water canals that run through the city as if they were paths or go to the coast to see all the colour that surrounds this area.

The Venice of Portugal
Board on a "moliceiro" and travel through the canals that lead us through the town to discover all its charm. Observe the modernist houses on foot of the canals or, if you prefer, take part in a guided tour and meet all the secrets of Aveiro. The municipality has available bicycles to visit Aveiro, so you can choose the best option for you.
Enjoy regional delicacies. Taste an elver stew or delight yourself with delicious sweets of the region. Do not leave without trying the "ovos moles" and let you be surprised by its delicious taste

Costa Nova
Let yourself fall in love with the colours of the coast. Enjoy the wooden houses with white stripes and bright colours. Visit the Farol da Barra, which is the tallest lighthouse in Portugal and take to the waters in the Santa María Manuela, a lugger built in 1937 that has been renovated to browse the waters of Portugal.